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About Us

November 15th of 2013, I was married, pregnant and recently arrived to The United States and God took me to the passage of the Bible in 2 Kings 4: 2, What do you have at home? I only have one computer and the desire to start a business that was in my mind and heart for a long time. My dream has always been to run a store or have my own and although I did not have the money, that was not an excuse. I took my computer (which was the only thing that I had in that moment) and shared with my friends in  Facebook the launch of my Virtual Store "Eve's Clothing and More" Eve's, was a virtual store because I did not have more than  the merchandise photos of my suppliers to show. But, I was ready to start this business with the only thing I had, passion, no money neither inventory. 

This was my beginning, working with my client's money and starting to generate profits. I passed from an informal business on Facebook to formal business on Instagram and I included wholesale sales. For November 2015, Eve's Clothing and More INC became a small corporation formally registered in New York City. This company has the purpose of selling fashion clothes at a reasonable price. And of guidance through a Spiritual council in the search of God.

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